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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Collaborates with King Charles III to Protect the Moon with an 'Astra Carta'

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has joined forces with King Charles III of the United Kingdom to develop a space sustainability plan called the 'Astra Carta.' The action, set to be unveiled on June 28 in London, aims to address crucial questions girding the moon,  similar to ownership, laws and resource utilization. The collaboration between Hadfield and King Charles III holds significant importance for Canada, particularly in light of unborn lunar operations involving Canadian astronauts. 

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is partnering with King Charles III of the United Kingdom to design a comprehensive space sustainability plan known as the 'Astra Carta.' Inspired by the major Magna Carta of 1215, which underpins popular principles worldwide, the Astra Carta seeks to outline strategies for the responsible exploration and utilization of the moon. 

In an interview, Hadfield emphasized the need to address abecedarian questions related to the moon. These include determining the purpose of lunar conditioning, clarifying ownership rights, establishing applicable laws and regulations, and relating those eligible to exploit the short-term and long-term resources available on the moon's surface. 

The proposed plan gains fresh significance due to Canada's involvement in upcoming lunar assignments. Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut Jeremy Hansen is enrolled to orbit the moon as part of the Artemis 2 crew in November 2024. Likewise, the CSA, through its attached MDA, will contribute the robotic Canadarm3 to NASA's planned Gateway space station on the lunar route. 

While the specifics of how the Astra Carta will align with existing space treaties,  similar as the United Nations external Space Treaty of 1967 and the Moon Treaty of 1978, weren't detailed in Hadfield's interview, the collaboration aims to foster cooperation and responsible practices in lunar exploration. 

Hadfield has been working with King Charles III on this space sustainability plan since last summer. Their first public meeting on the matter took place in February 2023,  roughly five months after King Charles III  mounted the throne following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. It's worth mentioning that Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen proudly displayed the Canadian flag during King Charles III's coronation on May 6. 

Piecemeal from his involvement in the Astra Carta, King Charles III is well-known for his environmental activism and philanthropy. Addressing the growing concerns within the space community, including the rising number of satellite launches, aligns with his broader commitment to sustainability. 

The Astra Carta's release date of June 28 holds significance, although the precise reasons weren't mentioned in the report. Interestingly, this date comes two weeks after the 808th anniversary of the first replication of the Magna Carta on June 15, 1215. 

As a former colony of the United Kingdom, Canada shares an administrative government system and various literal connections. Despite its independence, Canada continues to grapple with the heritage of colonialism, particularly regarding the mistreatment and loss of land endured by Indigenous peoples. Sweat toward conciliation is underway, with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada slipping light on these issues in 2015. 

King Charles III engaged with several Indigenous peoples of Canada during his visits, while Canada's current representative of the monarchy, Governor General Mary Simon, is the first Indigenous person to hold the position. These developments reflect ongoing efforts to address literal shafts and promote inclusivity. 


Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield's collaboration with King Charles III on the 'Astra Carta' highlights their participating commitment to securing the moon and promoting responsible lunar exploration. The action, set to be unveiled on June 28, seeks to address important questions regarding the moon's application while considering being space 

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